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A great way to dial in all the best fishing kayaks and gear or just talk to a guide for a heads-up on how to approach the fishery with a kayak. Most calls result in making one time purchases, getting bombproof gear, significant savings and faster results on the fishing grounds..

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Shortcut the kayak fishing learning curve and $ave a lot of money with a foundation of knowledge to easily grow into your fishery with tools, resources and confidence.  Ruining and losing gear is less fun than not catching fish and we gear up to avoid all that.  When it comes to catching fish, from hooking them to landing them, the particularities of kayak fishing are unique to everything we know as boat and shore-based anglers.

Largely credited as the first pioneer of the modern era of kayak fishing, outdoor writer and kayak fishing guide Dennis Spike is well versed in all the North American kayak fisheries.  Spike's been growing the sport in print, radio and TV press since the mid-`90's.  By combining guiding and field events, a decade of national distribution for The Kayak Fishing Video (instructional DVD) plus reaching new kayak anglers daily for 17 years at, Spike has effectively and economically guided thousands of people into the sport from coast to coast. Providing unique access to anglers since the beginning, nobody has fielded the question “Which boat is best for me? “ more than Spike has.

“That used to be the first question but these days I hear more “Paddle, peddle or motorized kayak, what’s best for me?” I think the best answer is a handful of model choices from somebody who isn’t trying to sell you a kayak.  We direct anglers to the best models that best fit their needs and particular fisheries (like inshore/offshore, lakes or rivers).  Many (a lot) of the boats we recommend are sourced from of a swelling market of high quality “pre-owned “ kayaks representing most of the popular fishing models.  New or used, there’s a quality fishing kayak for everyone’s budget.  Unfortunately, in the world of cheap plastic kayaks, there's a lot of junk out there.  “Which kayak model?” is followed by inquiries on everything from paddles/seats/PFDs and every possible accessory to dry stowage, line size and lures, fishing technique, what to wear and best time to fish, tides, moon phases, baits, maps, specific specie information and a lot more.

“Free of the editorial restraints imposed by product sales, advertiser obligations, pro-staff and corporate fishing team relationships, you won’t find purer referrals to get into the sport more efficiently and cost effectively outfitting one person, a "buddy boat" or the whole family.
The overwhelming majority of the products we recommend to anglers are uncompensated endorsements.  We only recommend fishing kayaks and gear for the sport that last the longest and deliver the best performance in our collective experience and that of end users coast to coast.


For calls 30 minutes or longer, provide your mailing address during the call and get a free copy of Spike's "The Kayak Fishing Video" on DVD, a $29.95 value.


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8/23/2016 2:57:55 PM,
Dennis Spike replied:

Thanks for asking.  Generally, a rod from 6-7' will get you around the bow.  Strong guides too since rods take a beating on the kayak, especially early on.  Short "kayak rods" never proved successful and longer rods work best for specialty applications like salmon.

7/12/2016 12:59:05 PM,
Dennis Spike replied:

Thanks for asking.  I like the Native kayaks too, especially for fresh and skinny water fisheries. 

The short answer is to "try before yoy buy" when you can.  Local and regional dealer "demo days" are a good place to start.  There are well over 100 fishing kayaks out there and our guides regularly recommend about a dozen of those models based on price, fishability, seaworthiness, quality of construction and ongoing feedback from anglers who fish them.  Most popular models are available on the pre-owned market too.  The kayak also has to fit the fishery and the angler.

Continued Good Fishing!