Conway Bowman

Expert Fly Fisherman, TV show Host and Author

World Traveling fly-fisherman, TV host and author. Expert in both fish and saltwater fly fishing.

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Conway Bowman is the sole owner/operator of Bowman Bluewater, Southern California’s premiere saltwater fly fishing guide service, and principal owner of the Ragged Edge Fly Fishing School. Conway lives in San Diego, where he fly fishes for blue water species, and his name has become synonymous with “extreme” fly fishing - most notably for his pursuit of Mako sharks on the fly. He has traveled the world in search of Atlantic salmon, Steelhead, wild trout, Redfish, Bonefish, and Tarpon, and his exploits have been chronicled in various books and magazines including, Flyfish Journal, Fly Fisherman, The Drake,Fly Fishing Saltwater’s, Field & Stream, Men’s Journal, and SaltWater Sportsman. As former host of ESPN’s “In Search of Fly Water”, “Primal Predator” and Versus Network’s “Dollar Wise Fly”

Conway currently holds the IGFA world record for redfish caught on the fly, a 41.65 pound bull on 10 kg tippet. Conway is an avid advocate for shark conservation, and aids researchers by raising funds for research, tagging Shortfin Mako sharks through his annual Flying Mako Charity Tournament. Conway is currently the host of the highly-rated weekly original TV series “Fly Fishing the World” on The Sportsman Channel.

How did you develop your mastery of fly fishing for mako sharks?

How did you develop your mastery of fly fishing for mako sharks?

8/24/2016 4:09:47 PM,
Conway Bowman replied:



thanks fkr the question!

The Shortfin Mako shark is the greatest saltwater gamefish on the west coast. 

So, i figured out that there is a great volume of these fish off the San Diego coast 

i started prosecuting these waters 20 plus years ago and figured out that the mako shark migrates to these waters beginning in early spring and hang out until October. 

I also figured out they love to eat the fly!!!


chumming during the biggest tides May thru October has proven to benched best time to target makos

presenting a large saltwater fly (8/0) with a 14wt rod/reel and floating line is the best approach