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Captain Rick's Hawaiian Roots run deep- born in Honolulu to a fifth-generation Kama'aina family, Rick is no Johnny-come-lately to Hawaii, or fly fishing. He has been hosting fly fishers in the top worldwide angling destinations for over 30 years. Working with the world's finest lodges as a professional fly fishing guide and lodge manager, guiding literally thousands of fly fishermen on the saltwater flats of Hawaii and remote Pacific Islands, as well as rivers of the American West, Pacific Northwest, Patagonian Argentina, and the Kola Peninsula of North Western Russia.

Captain Rick caught his first Hawaiian Bonefish on a fly in 1976, and fly fished all over the Hawaiian Islands for many years without seeing another fly angler on the flats (it was great while it lasted). A day on the water with Captain Rick provides uncommon insight to many aspects of Hawaii's culture, history, fishing, and conservation as Rick misspent much of his youth on many of the same bonefish flats that he guides today.

Whether it is your first guided bonefishing trip, or you have fly fished for many years, Captain Rick has the knowledge, skills, patience, and humor to make a day on the water truly memorable. Today his reputation for gracious hospitality, a wealth of fly fishing knowledge, and attention to detail, is unequaled in Hawaii. Unlike many other "guides" in Hawaii, Rick is fully licensed, insured, and a credentialed United States Coast Guard (USCG) Captain.

Rick also hosts numerous adventures to Christmas Island and other remote Pacific Island destinations each year. Contact us at for more details, we have been travelling to Christmas Island since 1979 and have a great perspective on the atoll and its fishery. Best thing is there is never an extra fee for our services, same price as if you book direct. We have got the skinny on travel, lodging, gear, and when to go. Give us a ring and cut to the chase.

What makes Hawaiian bonefish so tough to catch and land?

What makes Hawaiian bonefish so tough to catch and land?

8/24/2016 12:53:23 PM,
Captain Rick Lee replied:

Talk with any angler who has fished Hawaii for bonefish and two themes emerge; they are really big, and really difficult to hook and land. These two are related as Hawaiian bonefish are generally 6 to 12 years old, fishing pressure is significant in the Islands and chances are good that the monster tailing fish you are staring down has seen many flies and lots of bait before. Subtle presentations with flies that match local prey items are a must to fool these huge fish.

Landing big Hawaiian bones can also be a challenge as most Hawaiian flats are a combination of sand and coral. Much of this coral is slightly elevated from the bottom so as a bonefish takes its first run (often 100+ yards into your backing) chances are good that these raised coral heads will come into play. Big Hawaiian bones will often shred a stout leader on this first run, not much an angler on foot can do but tie on a new tippett and fly and keep fishing. Check us out at for more tips and info on Monster Hawaiian Bonefish. Aloha!