8/24/2016 12:53:23 PM,
Captain Rick Lee replied:

Talk with any angler who has fished Hawaii for bonefish and two themes emerge; they are really big, and really difficult to hook and land. These two are related as Hawaiian bonefish are generally 6 to 12 years old, fishing pressure is significant in the Islands and chances are good that the monster tailing fish you are staring down has seen many flies and lots of bait before. Subtle presentations with flies that match local prey items are a must to fool these huge fish.

Landing big Hawaiian bones can also be a challenge as most Hawaiian flats are a combination of sand and coral. Much of this coral is slightly elevated from the bottom so as a bonefish takes its first run (often 100+ yards into your backing) chances are good that these raised coral heads will come into play. Big Hawaiian bones will often shred a stout leader on this first run, not much an angler on foot can do but tie on a new tippett and fly and keep fishing. Check us out at BonefishHawaii.com for more tips and info on Monster Hawaiian Bonefish. Aloha!